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We take a consultative approach to helping you lower the costs and improve response rates.

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Fast. Accurate. Reliable. This is why customers choose Intelligencer for their printing, marketing, mailing and fulfillment needs. We can manage your complete print and marketing supply chain from project planning sourcing and design to print and delivery.

Innovative Printing Innovative
-developing unique solutions

developing unique solutions

  • Variable data and Digital Printing, Integrated Marketing (QR and PURL)
  • Print on plastic & other substrates, plus scratch off
  • Our OnDemand@Intell portal makes online proofing easy
  • High Definition™ Printing
  • Kodak Prosper High Speed Inkjet Technology
  • Hybrid Printing: offset web printing with high quality personalization
Intelligencer is your Printing Partner customer focused
-excellence in customer satisfaction

customer focused
excellence in customer satisfaction

  • Recipient of NAPL’s Platinum Customer Plus ™ Award for excellence in customer satisfaction
  • Customer service teams with 24/7 coverage
  • Offer scheduling flexibility
  • Skilled and customer accommodating production team

Printing Articles

Consider Specialty Coatings To Embellish Freemiums

Consider Specialty Coatings To Embellish Freemiums

posted on: 3/23/2015

Fundraisers are always looking for premiums to make their appeals stand out. New technologies abound. To me, though, there's nothing like the physicality of a printing piece. With printing, you can both capture the prospect's eyes and appeal to their tactile senses. The impression you leave motivates potential donors to respond. more

Big Changes at the USPS

Big Changes at the USPS

posted on: 3/5/2015

The United States Postal Service, originated in 1775. Now, some 240 years later, the USPS instated their first female Post Master. Read about this and some other recent changes at the USPS. more

Steinman Communications, Media Conglomerate, Announced Latest Brand, agencyCRM

Steinman Communications, Media Conglomerate, Announced Latest Brand, agencyCRM

posted on: 12/22/2014

FINALLY! A True Data-Centric Approach to Customer Communication. The most powerful & effective marketing platforms reach customers through their preferred channel(s) of communication carrying messages of relevance and interest. AgencyCRM a Steinman Communications brand based in Lancaster, PA, builds marketing platforms entirely grounded on customer analytics and both major retail and competing agencies alike are taking notice.

Steinman Communications Companies Awarded for Excellence

Steinman Communications Companies Awarded for Excellence

posted on: 11/18/2014

The history of Intelligencer spans several centuries, and it holds the distinction of being one of the oldest publishing houses in the United States. Intell, as it’s otherwise known, serves clients in a wide variety of sectors including the direct mail, pharmaceutical, and retail industries. Regardless of its early roots, Intell is a leader and trailblazer in the latest print technologies. more

Print Is Here To Stay

Print Is Here To Stay

posted on: 10/6/2014

Technology is great. It evolves, and we couldn’t go back even if we wanted to. But, it simply can’t replicate the warm feelings printed paper can offer. more

Extra! Extra!
Read All About It

Intelligencer Printing Newspaper Coffee Cup Extra! Extra!
-Read All About It

The Lancaster Country Club Welcomes the U.S. Women's Open 2015

Read more about it here...

Print More Trustworthy than Email

Between 7 and 8 out of 10 people say it’s vital that marketing mail should be trustworthy, relevant to their likes and dislikes, have interesting content and be easy to respond to. And they think print is twice as trustworthy as its closest rival – email – as well as providing better personalization and content than any other medium. Conversely, email is judged to be almost three times as easy to respond to.

Lancaster Country Club Makes LPGA Top 10 Golf Course List

Lest there be any doubt that the LPGA, brimming with sparkling young stars, is anything less than world-class, a review of the top courses on its 2015 tournament schedule will put any doubts to rest. Half the courses are located in the U.S. The balance on what is now a globetrotter's circuit is found in locations as diverse as Australia and Scotland. Read more here...

Coated Paper Price Increase

Strong demand for coated papers has caused a backlog of orders and longer lead times to get paper. Sappi Fine Paper North America announced a price increase on all new and unconfirmed orders with a confirmed delivery date on or after October 28, 2014. There will be a $2.00 per CWT US$/CAD$ increase on Opus Web, Galerie Art Web, Somerset Web, and Flo Web, and there will be a $1.50 per CWT US$/CAD$ increase on Galerie Fine Web, Galerie Brite Web, and Galerie Lite Web. All basis weights, all finishes. In addition, a $1.00 per CWT US$/CAD$ upcharge will be applied to all Somerset Web and Flo Web requiring FSC certification. Standard differentials and upcharges apply. This price increase includes any private label programs. Other mills may follow Sappi’s lead and announce their own price increases in the weeks ahead.

Good News per the USPS!

The Governors of the U.S. Postal Service have decided not to seek a price change for mail and shipping products and services in January in part because of the uncertainty regarding the exigent price increase. This means that the current pricing of postal products and services will remain in effect through the holiday season and early part of 2015. The Board will continue to evaluate pricing strategies and will communicate about any potential price change filings in early 2015. As always, the Postal Service will provide customers advance notice of any price changes.

International Print Day

posted on October 8, 2014

Today is the first official International Print Day, or IPD! Ongoing, IPD will be held every year on the second Wednesday of October. The purpose of this day is to provide information and education about and to the print industry, with the aim of unifying our community and providing an opportunity to network. Intelligencer is proud to participate in International Print Day 2014!

Todd Foster Promoted to Vice President, Business Development

posted on September 10, 2014

Commenting on the promotion Todd Foster said “This is an exciting time of change for our industry and the Steinman organization. Our staff has developed and embraced the link between print and digital communications and are technologically prepared to assume the leadership position.”

Fly Magazing Logo New Fly Magazine Website Launched

New Fly Magazine Website Launched

posted on July 3, 2014

The new Fly Magazine site has been in development for nearly a year and is the cornerstone of an all-new digital Fly experience.

The site includes articles and features; a virtual directory of more than 600 entertainment venues, restaurants and bars (with many more to come)

intelligencer award 4 Awards in Printing Competition

4 Awards in Printing Competition

posted on May 29, 2014

Intelligencer Receives 4 Awards in Neographics Regional Printing Competition

Robert Mason Central Penn Behind the Scenes with Intelligencer CEO

Behind the Scenes with Intelligencer CEO

posted on April 11, 2014

"...This allowed us to combine the printing of high volume direct-mail campaigns — and when I say high volume, I mean 3 (million) or 4 million pieces at a time"